"My work is about photography; what it is, what it means, what it does. By teaching us a new visual code, photography changes and improves our idea of what is worth looking at and what to discover we have a right to. I enjoy exploring the medium of photography in a number of different ways, as an artist, as a student, and as an experimenter. The photographic medium might be one of the most mysterious objects which form our daily environment and our perception. As photography allows human nature to establish the imaginary ownership of a past, so it helps to catch hold of a world one can feel insecure of. My interests and aims of investigation belong to the ways we perceive and experience visual information. I am especially interested in one of the earliest photographic forms we know in history, the portraiture. I manipulate my pictures to work out the character of the presented visual information in its best way. For me, the camera is an instrument of love and display."


David T. Perrot studied photography as well as German literature and language at the University of Zurich with a Bachelor`s degree. Currently completing his Master`s in a different field, he still describes photography as a topic that influences his life on a daily basis. Not only being active as a photographer, but interested in theory in history of photography as well, he achieved to secure the photobook "en födelse" by Monica Englund for the Art Historian Library of the University of Zurich in 2019 which contributes to a ground for feminist photography nowadays all around the world.


David T. Perrot


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